FHRD Training Tools Sampled by Twelve Different Companies
Friday, December 28, 2012
12 companies took up the invitation of FHRD for a breakfast meeting to experience the wide range of training tools that FHRD invested in as well learn about the ever increasing portfolio of services such a Mediation and Coaching that the Foundation is offering to employers.
The professionals present had the opportunity to work some of the exercises themselves and experience the effect and the learning outcomes that these tools have on the trainees. The tools included kits that teams use to learn and grow various skills, DVD which bring to live practical situation that the participants can discuss and evaluate, self assessment questionnaires and handouts that accompany the FHRD training delivery.
FHRD also presented the Foundations new seven level 5 qualifications which will be offered as from 2013 namely; Train the Trainer, Coaching, Performance Management and Employee Engagement, Selection & Recruitment, Employment Law & Industrial Relations, Diversity Management, Pragmatic Leadership.
Joe Gerada announced that the Foundation will be running the first CIPD (Chartered Institute for People Management)HR programme in 2013. This is a level 5 HR programme that opens huge opportunities for employment in the HR sector.
The participants were also updated about the additional portfolio of Management courses that the Foundation is offering through the University of Leicester and in particular the MBA course but not exclusively.
• CLMS: http://www.fhrd.org/?page=fhrd-clms-professional-programmes
• School of Management: http://www.fhrd.org/?page=fhrd-school-of-management-programmes
Nadine Borg training manager at FHRD described the new FHRD membership system and announced that individuals can now become associate or full members of FHRD. She said that this open new opportunities for young people to start building their network of professionals while the experienced ones will have new access to information. A new members only section on the FHRD web site is being developed.
More information can be found here: http://www.fhrd.org/?page=membership-information
Ms. Gillian Taylor from the TCM Group, also spoke about the partnership between FHRD and TCM in offering Mediation training and Mediation services. Ms. Taylor and Mr. Gerada, both stressed that through this partnership, the International expertise of TCM combined with the expertise and local market knowledge of FHRD, create a perfectly solid platform for systematic and effective Mediation services to flourish.
Last but not least, FHRD also presented the official video memento of the 2012 FHRD National Annual Conference. For those of you who attended this year’s HR conference at Corinthia San Gorg, please follow this link for a one minute video of the proceedings of this conference - http://www.fhrd.org/?page=news-detail&id=57
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