Friday, June 21, 2019

In today’s corporate world, several life skills are needed for better self-management, awareness, resilience and empowerment. The better one manages him/herself, the better one experiences his/her career and personal life situation. Empowering your employees through self-management programmes, are a matter of mental health and emotional well-being. It is for this reason that Mental Wealth should be enthusiastically supported at the workplace.

This workshop can be useful for those organisations who have:

   -   Job fluctuations
   -   A considerable number of employees joining
   -   Are dealing with cultural diversity
   -   Employees facing personal life challenging situations such as divorce or loss.
We are not taught what change does to us – becoming aware of this and understanding how to tune into our higher order thinking skills, enables us to experience a situation through an interdisciplinary mode and hence perceive a situation holistically, rather than fragmented. It also acts a good tool to stress management.
This session will be delivered by Ms. Sharon Cusens, a Graduate in Psychology and specialised as a Change Management Consultant. Film Director & creator of 'Spring Film Therapy', Author of book series: A Universal Language, Life Coach. Runs various courses in Personal Development at the Academy of Inner Excellence. An innovative, fresh and humorous interactive style of running workshops. Previous work experience includes being an HR Manager and later Strategic Planner for a big Orthopaedic Centre linked to Red Cross Hospitals in Frankfurt for 18 years, directed various Corporate Films for better Time and Quality Management. Coach in QM Team Building related to certification in ISO certifications. Hostess on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Dancer / Choreographer at the Royal Albert Hall. Designed made to measure theatre and animation concepts to express Management Strategies, Corporate Culture, and Corporate Mentality Change etc. for Incentives and Team Building Courses.
This event will be held on 21st June, 2019 at 09:00am, at the FHRD's Training Centre. Parking at Tigne' Point will be available complimentary. As always, HR Fora events are exclusive events for individual and corporate members and are at no cost. For those interested in attending kindly email or call 21313550


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