What is the HR Quality Mark?
Friday, November 15, 2019

What are the expected benefits of obtaining the HR Quality Mark?

There is an increasingly greater need for measuring, monitoring, tracking and understanding how well people are being managed and developed.  The HR Quality Mark will give organisations the following:

•       Internal Recognition

•       External Recognition

•       Enhance Employer Brand

•       More attractive to new talent

•       HR content areas evaluation

•       HR Quality Mark event to promote the certified organisations

•       Sense of achievement for internal HR team

•       Motivates the HR team to strive for excellence

•       A report identifying strengths and areas for improvement.


HR Content Areas

The aim of the HR Quality Mark is to recognise entities who place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies which include the following:

•     HR Policies & Practices
•     Recruitment, Selection & Talent Management
•     Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards
•     Employment & Industrial Relations
•     Performance Management
•     HR Information Systems
•     People Training & Development

The Quality Mark is not a competition between organisations but encourages all organisations, irrelevant of size and sector, to assess their HR practices.  This means that there are no restrictions or rankings on how many organisations can achieve this award, as long as the HR criteria set by FHRD are reached. The Quality Mark serves as a process to guide organisations on how to improve their HR practices.


Time Line

Programme will be launched in October 2019

How do you apply?

Kindly access the HR Quality Mark applications form from the FHRD website www.fhrd.org/hr-qualitymark

For any queries about the HR Quality Mark please contact the Foundation for Human Resources Development on: Tel:21313550or via email: qm@fhrd.org.



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