Informal Learning and the Small Business
Friday, May 24, 2019

Within the context of an increasingly competitive knowledge economy, the ability to learn new skills and capacities is accepted as a primary source of advantage for individuals, organisations and national economies. Yet, all too often in textbooks and policy documents, we see 'learning' equated with 'training'. This ignores the learning that happens in less formal and less structured ways, outside of the training room: for example, we learn by doing, by talking and experimenting, and through the many unplanned interactions that happen on a daily basis in every workplace. Some commentators estimate that around 70 to 80% of what we learn is learned in these less formal ways. This prompts us to consider the ways in which we can configure the working environment so that it supports and encourages this informal learning. In exploring this debate, the talk will draw on some of Dr Bishop's recent research within small firms, and will show how informal learning is of particular importance in smaller business, where the budgets and scope for formal training are often limited.

The event will be held on the 24th May, 2019, starting 16:00hrs, at FHRD's Training Centre at Tigne Point. All attendees will be given a parking voucher at the event, it is important to park at Tigne Point car park section A otherwise the voucher won't be valid. For those interested in attending kindly drop us an e-mail to or call us on 21313550

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