Ivan Refalo - New President of the FHRD
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Mr Refalo is the Human Resource and Performance Management Manager of a major manufacturing company in Malta with a long track record of HR experience in a number of local organisations. When contacted for comments, Mr Refalo said that he felt privileged to be trusted with this role and at the same time committed to the further development of the Foundation which represents most of the HR professionals in Malta. He said that FHRD has made great strides forward and has become a major networking organization in Malta and a leading supplier of consultancy, training and mediation services on the island.
Mr Refalo said that he will continue to push forward with the current strategy of developing and offering vocational training programmes in leadership and other competencies in people management as well as mediation services. He said that in a very short period of time FHRD became a market leader of vocational courses in the area of Leadership and HR Management and the organization was now offering six programmes at level 5 VET both as public courses and in house programmes for specific companies. He described this strategy as the way forward for FHRD through which it will play an ever increasing role in the business of developing the leadership & HR competencies at the place of work in MALTA.
The recent changes in the membership structure, was bearing fruit and more individuals were joining FHRD while he hoped that this momentum is accelerated in order to make a stronger case for the profession to become a warranted profession. Mr Refalo concluded that people management is the key function for any business as managers needed the insight into the future to ensure that performance will be sustained and success achieved. Therefore managers including HR managers had to be well prepared for their responsibility both academically and also through experience.
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