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Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Neuroscience knowledge is today having an impact on everything from marketing to economics, but nowhere is the application of that knowledge more important and impactful than in the areas of training, coaching and organisational development. Whereas in the past observational psychology provided an understanding of human behaviour, neuroscience is today providing insights into the motivations that lead to those behaviours. These insights are unprecedented and are of enormous value in areas such as leadership, team performance and employee engagement. 
If you are interested in the practical applications of neuroscience, this 3-day programme will provide you with all the knowledge, skills and materials necessary to apply the subject in your own coaching or training interventions and you will end the programme certified as a Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience. 
This 3-day programme will be delivered from 3-5th April, 2019 at FHRD Training Centre, 2 Clock Tower Building, Tigne Point, Sliema.  
For bookings and more information about the programme contact us on 21313550 or e-mail 
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