Psychology at Work
Thursday, July 3, 2014
Managers are becoming increasingly aware that psychology is relevant to the workplace, because psychology is about people, and their behaviour. The person is viewed as a holistic individual and the impact of the person’s different facets on performance and productivity is intriguing managers, causing them to develop new strategies for understanding. This course is for all managers who are interested in maximizing employee and organisational potential, and a background in psychology is not a pre-requisite.
The course will:
  • Introduce key topics in occupational psychology;
  • Provide a framework within which to consider the study and application of occupational psychology;
  • Demonstrate the link between theory, research and practice in occupational psychology;
  • Illustrate how occupational psychology can contribute to improved decision-making for organizations and individuals;
  • Analyse the key contextual variables which influence behaviour in organisations;
  • Identify and explore key and current issues in theory and research in organizational behavior;
  • Illustrate the importance of issues at the organisational level for the study of occupational psychology.
For further information about the above programme, e-mail or call us on 21374919 or 21313550.
The “Psychology at Work” training programme forms part of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses offered by FHRD.
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