Remote working... is your organisation ready?
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Are companies becoming more virtual?

Is ‘remote work’ considered an innovative perk, a competitive advantage?   Richard Branson ‘…likes to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they are at their desk or in their kitchen...’

Organisations are increasingly seeing the benefits that remote work can offer. The modern workplace is no longer defined with a standard Monday to Friday 9-5 hour job as employees expect greater flexibility and the chance to work wherever and whenever they want.  Considering that we are currently working within a very tight labour market with the increasing need for high quality work, organisations that offer remote working options are finding themselves ahead of competition as they are able to tap into significantly wider talent pools. Employees are increasingly seeking opportunities which offer family friendly options as well as a healthier work/life balance.  Remote work options offer this as well as provide work environments which are more productive and reduce the daily commute to work. Local surveys indicate that Maltese employees are giving importance to flexible working options, therefore local companies that offer remote work options are at a better advantage as they are able to tap into this wider talent pool.

Ten years ago, Dell started to introduce a more flexible work culture and today they have a wide variety of flexible work arrangements for their team members to choose from. This has not only resulted in significant financial savings to the company and an overall healthier culture but also environmental benefits, with a great reduction of the carbon footprint as well as reducing approximately 7,400 cars off the road each year. 

Of course, remote work does not happen overnight and needs to be implemented thoughtfully and mindfully as it is a change in culture and mind set.  There are obviously some job positions which do not fall within the scope of remote work due to the nature of the job, however there are many positions that are adaptable to remote work.  In order for organisations to implement remote work, amongst other things, the correct remote working policies need to be in place as well as any IT requirements to sustain this work environment. 

If you are interested in learning more about remote work and discussing how this can be implemented at the workplace, FHRD is organising a seminar on Remote work on Wednesday 27th March 2019 at the Hilton.

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